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Caper leaves

Kasparis Leaves with water, salt, vinegar.

Capers in salt

Capers from Crete with water, salt, vinegar.

Cretan salt

Coarse salt from Crete, raw, with no preservatives, collected from the southern salinas of Crete

Cretan Soumada

The traditional soft-drink of Crete made from almonds

Cretan Kanelada (cinnamon drink)

The traditional soft-drink of Crete made from cinnamon

Wild small artichoke of Crete

Non cultivable, in olive oil with vinegar and wild lemon, with no preservatives

Loubinia of Crete

Traditional loubinia non cultivable with salt and olive oil, with no preservatives

Akordoulakoi - bulbs of Crete

Wild bulbs planted in the sand, non cultivable, in olive oil and vinegar, with no preservatives

Snails of Crete

Exceptional mountain snails (not from snail farms)