In 1930 Zouridakis Michalis and his wife Anthousa opened their first bakery in Pitsidia, Heraklion, Crete
Using the pure traditional raw materials of that time and without any preservatives they start creating their first traditional family products with diligence and love.
In 1948, after 18 years of hard work and having made it through the difficult years they opened their second bakery in Matala, Heraklion, Crete.
Zouridaki Anthousa treated the hippies like a mother and they used to call it "Mama's shop". The Matala shop was the milestone for the upward trend of the business.
In 1990 in a separate proprietary facility again in Pitsidia Heraklion in a very modern space of 1500 sq.m. Anthousa's son created a unity with the best equipment, modern systems of production and quality assurance processes.
This development resulted in the company's evolution and expansion of sales on a nationwide level and in the start of its activities abroad.
Thus in 2004 Zouridakis N. Michalis continuing the tradition through the third generation of the family creates a third shop in Piraeus in 1 Gounari and Nikita street, at the central market of Piraeus.
The company leads until today a steadily growing course in the field of production of traditional Cretan products.
Since 1930 until today it stays faithful to its local and qualitative character and reminds us that we should never forget where we started.